A Little Bit of Kana

I haven't showed off Kana in a while, so I decided to get a few nice snaps of her. Plus I picked her up a casual outfit for a change, so now she can have an off work outfit.      
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New Outfit for Jin

I finally picked Jin up a proper outfit for his character. Don't let all of that fluffy lace fool you, he can have a sarcastic streak a mile wide.    And including a closeup, because it's been a while since he has had camera time. I feel so guilty about not finishing his faceup yet. >_<   
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Happy Vday from the DD Girls

It was tough getting all the girls into a single photo, but somehow I managed. They are dressed up for the valentine holiday and ready to give away chocolate to that special someone. Sadly it's an incredibly overcast and grey day, but we tried.  My Rei twin has been missing her head since the move and amazingly I found it just last week. Whew! I was starting to get pretty worried about it.   
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Lady of the hour

Sharing a tasty almond croissant and some earl grey tea for breakfast with my girl of the hour. I try not to choose favorites, but inevitably it seems to happen anyway. I don't get out to the bakery much, so this was a nice treat.    I also caved and bought her a new hat the other day. When I stumbled upon a hat with sheep and a giant pompom I simply couldn't resist. Winter doesn't have much time left, but I hope she can still enjoy it through the chilly days of Spring.   
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Comfy Hana

I upgraded Hana tonight from a M bust to a dynamite tonight. She looks pretty comfy lounging here on the couch. I'm looking forward to making her summer wardrobe.   
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Welcome Home Masamune

A few years of patience is usually rewarded in the kindness of a purchase in the dolly world. ^_^ Thanks to a sweet friend, I was able to purchase her Volks Masamune Date head. He arrived last Saturday, his wig on Monday and then his outfit today (Tuesday). It was truly all so very meant to be. :3 The only downside to this is that my Okita is having to share his body for now, but I'll make it worth his while later with a new wig. (His current one has been driving me crazy!) Truly, doll life around here seems to be a case of the body snatchers lately. welcomemasamune_0002 welcomemasamune_0006 My camera battery started flashing at me while I was taking this set, so sadly I didn't get as many shots as I usually try for. welcomemasamune_0011 Continue reading
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Exhuding Confidence – Soshi (Volks Prince Claude)

A few snaps of Soshi looking rather slick in his suit. For his profession he wears a suit every day, so I really want to find him some more sharp one's to change into. :3 For me this boy could never have enough suits. <3 soshi-feb_0083 soshi-feb_0101 soshi-feb_0102 soshi_01 Continue reading
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Luka Takes A Walk In The Snow

Today it actually snowed and so I couldn't wait to take one of the dolls out for photo's. Luka has the most winter friendly wardrobe, so he thought he would go out for a little walk in the fresh powder. We didn't stay out for long though, after just a little while the cold was making my fingers tingle inside my gloves and it's hard to take photo's that way. XD lukasnowday1 lukasnowday3 lukasnowday2 Continue reading
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Shop Update: New Styles With Polka Dots & Beads

I have updated my Etsy shop today with some new hair bow styles. You can check out the shop here: Clover Meadow Polka Dot Mini Bows - Red or White Add a little whimsy with polka dots to top off her outfit. "Grace" - Black or White A new style based on the mini bow hair clips, but with tails and seed beads accenting each side. Still only 1" in size! Continue reading
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Shop Update: New Beaded and Feathered Pieces

I have updated my Etsy shop with some new beaded and feathered hair clips for your perusal. Also, all six colors of my Mini Bow hair clips have been restocked. You can check out the shop here: Clover Meadow All of the following items are great for SD, SD13, Dollfie Dream, Pullip or Blythe. Basically, if your doll has a similar size head dimension then these will work for your girl and look similar to the photo's. You can use them on any size doll head you wish, but they will look a little different than the doll shown. My model is a Volks SD Charlotte. First up is "Celine". I hand beaded all of the silver beads and included three long white feathers for an elegant touch. A hair clip is discreetly sewn to the back of the beads. Continue reading
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