Loafers For Rei At Last

I have been trying to find some nice brown loafers for my Rei Dollfie Dream ever since she came home, and mostly without any luck. Then last week I stumbled upon a pair of Obitsu 60's and went "I wonder" and so I figured what could it hurt and ordered them. They arrived yesterday and at first I thought they didn't fit. I tried them on her foot and the gap looked too big to remedy, so I despaired for the night. Then when I came home tonight I gave them a closer inspection and figured out a way for them to fit (by taking the liner out). It's tight, but even with stockings on they fit. Hurray for perseverance! πŸ˜€ Rei in loafers Rei in loafers
She is able to stand in them without any trouble too. ^_^ Rei in loafers
She says they are quiet comfy and she looks quiet content with them I must say! Rei in loafers
I've been holding out on some photo shoot ideas looking for these loafers, so please look forward to seeing some new things soon-ish. πŸ˜€
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2 Responses to Loafers For Rei At Last

  1. Wolfheinrich says:

    Very cool! Those are some cute shoes!

  2. MacaronTea says:

    I probably won’t be able to pry Rei out of them for a while. XD

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