Mysterious Rei is Mysterious

Me: Walks into the room, “Hey Rei, what are you up to over there? Browsing the net again?”
Rei: Looks up and glares at being interrupted, “Umm…nothing.”


Me: “Well it certainly doesn’t LOOK like your doing nothing. You’re doing an awful lot of clicking and muttering to yourself.”
Rei: *glare* “I’m looking around at stuff.”

Me: “Oh? What kind of stuff? Are you shopping Rei?!”
Rei: *massive sigh* “Fine fine, I’m shopping. Now stop looking over here and watching everything I’m doing, sheesh.” *big huff*


Me: “You better not be buying anything without asking.”


Rei: “Yea yea, okay okaaaay already.”


You know, that girl can NOT be up to anything good being secreted away like that with my IPad. O.o

2 thoughts on “Mysterious Rei is Mysterious”

  1. Those are beyond fantastic! 😀 Now I should just put Rei to work so she can pull her weight around here, yes? XD

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