Breaking the Buying Mold: Skuld Has Arrived!

I have finally caved and broken my singular show habit of Evangelion figure buying, behold Skuld from Ah! My Goddess has arrived! Yep, it would take another classic to convince me to break my habit. đŸ˜‰ It's a nice large figure by Griffon Enterprises, definitely one of the largest figures in my collection right now coming in a just a shade under 12". She's just too adorable for words here, featuring her sitting on the stairs in a gorgeous red coat. Skuld Stairs
I really love all of the motion in her hair! Really helps to give this figure 'life' for me. skuld stairs figure
While she is not my super favorite character from the show (Belldandy holds that special spot) I just could not pass up this figure when I stumbled upon it at a local shop a week or so ago. I had seen her online, but since it was so far ago released I wasn't feeling the need to shell out for it any time soon. When I walked in and started combing the walls of figures for anything to purchase my interest was grabbed by the nice 40% off sign. I wasn't getting out of that store without her after that! ^_^ skuld stairs figures
One of these days I hope to get a Belldandy or Urd figure, but until that day comes I will enjoy Skuld's happy laughing face and determination to be in my collection.
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