Arrival: Dal Fiori

I first saw little Fiori at a doll meet last December and was really enamored with her, but didn't know her make name. Ever since then I have been keeping an eye out for her as a full set, I adore her outfit and especially her small doll. Monday I actually stumbled upon her brand new in the box and the rest is, as they say, history.

And now for some photo's of my new little cutie, she is SUCH a camera bug! I haven't decided on a name for her quiet yet. She arrived so fast I haven't quiet came to a decision on it. Dal Fiori Dal Fiori
Let's have tea! 😀 Dal Fiori Tea Time
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2 Responses to Arrival: Dal Fiori

  1. Alice says:

    She’s absolutely adorable! I love how they kept her curls in plastic bags! XD

  2. MacaronTea says:

    Their poor hair is always contorted in plastic somehow. XD

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