Arrival: Meet Shiori (Volks SDG Charlotte)

This past Christmas I received the surprising gift of this magnificent Volks SDG Charlotte which I have wanted ever since she was released. Needless to say my guy get's massive brownie points for months! 😀 She came brand new in box as 'old stock', so was able to be the first one to see her! She has all of her original stock of course too and it's just gorgeous! Really, I can't say enough good things about her outfit, all of the little details are just mind blowing to say the least. Selecting names for my dolls while not always difficult, has been rather so this time around. I keep trying to pick names that sound the same or are so similar that they get rather confusing. Right now I already have girls named Hana, Kohana and Kana! DX So this time I'm trying to diversify a bit as this new girl is going to be called Shiori. ^_^ Between cloudy skies, pouring rain and just not feeling like taking photos sometimes; I have finally gotten around to capturing her in her default set. Volks SDG Charlotte
"Send me all your love." <3 Volks SDG Charlotte
Prepping at the vanity, a lady should always look her best. 😉 Volks SDG Charlotte Volks SDG Charlotte
I am starting to be really amused that my girls are starting to have a going trend of cream to soft brown hair, and ALL of these have blue eyes. XD Volks SDG Charlotte
All the amazing tiny brush strokes in her face up just make me stare and stare in such wonder! Volks SDG Charlotte
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2 Responses to Arrival: Meet Shiori (Volks SDG Charlotte)

  1. Chun says:

    She looks amazing! Congrats!

  2. Archangeli says:

    Oh I love the Volks Charlotte! She’s so beautiful! Congrats on getting her!

    I have her fullset outfit and wig on my Mélisande at the moment and I can’t help admiring all the lovely details on it.

    And MAJOR brownie points to the honey for getting her for you! ♥

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