Chainmail Choker For Luka

I spent most of yesterday afternoon and evening making this tiny chainmail choker for Luka, my IOS Mezz character in progress. Chainmail Choker BJD
Tiny rings are tiny and took much longer than I thought it would and a lot more rings. At one point I actually thought I was going to run out of rings, but in the end I have a few left over. So I'm already pondering what pattern would work well to make him a bracelet. Chainmail Choker BJD
I am actually also planning on giving him his faceup this week if the wind will just calm down so I can spray the sealant with accuracy. I must say that 25-30 mph winds with gusts up to 40 mph are just not very helpful in this area. >_< After that he just needs pants and shoes before I can finally debut soooon I hope! ^_^
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