August Dollfie Dream Meetup

In the evening of the second day of JPop Summit was our local monthly Dollfie Dream meetup. We tried out a new restaurant for some folks and it was nice having spacious seating around a table instead of being squeezed up into a booth. All of the usual suspects made it out along with a few guests. After tasty crapes and much laughter we finally settled down on a photo spot. Here are this months attendee's! ^_^
I brought out my Rei twins dressed in frilly clothes for the JPop theme. With the castle in the background it almost looks like they have gone on vacation. 😀
Next up is @thebobness DD-06 girl looking quiet smart if I may say.
Saber dressed in a gorgeous school uniform brought by @cosplayshots. One of these years I will get my hands on this clothing series!
A pouty MDD with a SQLabs head, I believe she belongs to Meridah? Her little Arpakasso is just too sweet for words. ^_^
Since my Misaki resin girl was already in my bag she was able to come out and play too.
Here is Rise dressed in a lovely yakata brought by @thenekopon. Now that I have seen her in person I can really see the resin resemblance in her face sculpt, so pretty!!
Last but certainly not least is a shot of @CrimsonSinistra's Eva girls Rei and Mari.
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