I’m quiet excited to be getting my new SQLabs girl slowly put together and turned into the Kuroneko DDS doll I have wanted. I have actually remembered to take photo’s of the process, or at least most of the time I’ve remembered. XD

Let’s start with the face up, the head I ordered to work on is the Haruka model.

Custom Haruka blank

And here it is after receiving her full face up. I am always amazed at how different heads look after adding the makeup.

Custom Haruka faceup finished

Next up are the eyes. I couldn’t find any on the market that I was particularly fond of, so I decided to try my hand at painting some myself. First up I made some blanks and put a rough outline for the pupils.

Next up is the base color painted on.

Finally here are the finished eyes all shiny and bright. ^_^

Custom painted eyes

Well okay, now she has a face and even eyes, but her bald head has to go. Alas the wig I bought needs a bit of trimming work so up on the work table she goes. Saying “a bit of” some how feels like a bit of an understatement here.

Girl: “Your not taking a picture of me are you??!”
Me: “Umm…let’s get to work on trimming those bangs, shall we?” *cough*

Haircut Before

After the cut we discovered that yes, her lovely face was under that mop of hair but she was less than pleased when I brought out the camera for an ‘after’ photo.

Girl: “Don’t take pictures of me in my under clothes!”

So on that note I suppose I will finish getting her outfit modified and then the photo’s can commence!

Haircut After