An Evening with Kuroneko BJD

I grabbed a few moments the other day to at last take some photo's of my latest custom doll of character Kuroneko. She is based on the SG Body from SQLabs and uses the Haruka head. I made and painted her eyes plus painted her faceup and even cut her wig to style. Definitely the most customizing work I have done on a single doll to date. It was a lot of fun though, so I can definitely see a bit more of this in my future. Sadly my camera is giving me a few fits right now, so my apologies if the photo's are a little grainy. Hopefully I can get my lighting bugs sorted out soon.
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3 Responses to An Evening with Kuroneko BJD

  1. lovelylemons says:

    these photos are lovely!
    I just wanted to suggest that her eyes look a bit misplaced/off center, and I think would look even better if they were pushed a bit inwards towards her nose~
    anyways the eyes and faceup painting looks great, fantastic job, looks just like the character πŸ™‚

  2. MacaronTea says:

    With the way her eyes were created I unfortunately can not adjust them. ;_; Hopefully soon I can make her some new one’s though that will be adjustable!

  3. ??? says:

    Her mouth is sooooooo cute!!!!!!!??

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