New Dress for Pullip Shuko

It has been absolutely ages since I have sewn for my Pullips but I've decided to take a deep breath and get back into the swing of things. It is Spring after all and my girls can't keep wearing the same old things year round. 😉 I have been seeing so many beautiful photo's of cherry blossoms that when I was digging through my fabric stash and found this green fabric with blossoms, I just knew I had to make a dress from it. I think I originally bought it to make a furoshiki for one of my bento boxes, but the fabric scrap turned out to be too small for my needs. 🙁 Shuko's New Cherry Blossom Dress It has been either raining or foggy lately but yesterday had a rare moment of sun! So I grabbed Shuko and dashed to the backyard for these few snaps. Shuko's New Cherry Blossom Dress Shuko's New Cherry Blossom Dress Now if I can just figure out what shoes will coordinate with this dress as most of what I have is black. ;__; Seems like as with most of my other dolls no matter their size, there seems to be a shortage of shoes. *sigh* Shuko's New Cherry Blossom Dress
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