Welcome Home Masamune

A few years of patience is usually rewarded in the kindness of a purchase in the dolly world. ^_^ Thanks to a sweet friend, I was able to purchase her Volks Masamune Date head. He arrived last Saturday, his wig on Monday and then his outfit today (Tuesday). It was truly all so very meant to be. :3 The only downside to this is that my Okita is having to share his body for now, but I'll make it worth his while later with a new wig. (His current one has been driving me crazy!) Truly, doll life around here seems to be a case of the body snatchers lately. welcomemasamune_0002 welcomemasamune_0006 My camera battery started flashing at me while I was taking this set, so sadly I didn't get as many shots as I usually try for. welcomemasamune_0011 welcomemasamune_0014
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