Ion, After Work (photo heavy)

The inspiration for this non-dialog photo story: After a long day at his stressful job, Ion comes home to unwind and get comfortable. (And to think this whole photo set really started out as me pondering a change of outfit for him.) Continue reading
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All of My IOS Boys

Decided to wrangle all of my IOS boys into a group photo this morning. I have been dying to get bodies for a couple more of my floating heads so I could do this; every time I can take a new group photo I get so thrilled! XD So here is my crazy crew, testosterone count now up to five. 😉 And for a little profile introduction on everyone... This is Shoji, he is borrowing the SD13 boy body from my poor Shiro. ;_; Continue reading
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Second January Dollfie Dream Meet Up

Towards the end of January there was an opportunity for a Dollfie Dream meetup again and this time the local Japantown was selected. I love this first photo with the pagoda in the background, to me it makes it feel like the girls have gone on vacation. XD I took along Hana and Kuroneko this time around. Kuroneko hasn't really been out except I think maybe once, so it was nice getting her with some new backgrounds. Continue reading
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January Dollfie Dream Meet Up

Just now getting around to editing photo's I took at my local Dollfie Dream get together from January with pals @CrimsonSinatra, @theNekoPon, @TheBobness and @Atrika. Please excuse the photo quality, as they were taken with my phone camera as somehow I had forgotten my actual camera. >_< For this trip I took along Hana and Rose dressed as Kuroneko. This gorgeous Saber was brought along by @theNekoPon. I'm crazy about these bright green eyes! Continue reading
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In the shop: Heart Tank Top & Doki Doki Mini Skirt – For Dollfie Dream

Hana sends all her love out today! :3 To show her excitement, I have posted up new heart themed clothes in the shop. (Personally we both just really love heart themed items anyway, weither it be Valentine's Day or not.) 😉 First up is a white tank top with a red embroidered heart for M bust girls. This top is also lined in white, so there are no worries about staining. The Doki Doki Mini Skirt features a fitted waist and flirty double ruffle. The waist is fully lined in white, though I have had this fabric on my girl for three days now and she has been perfectly fine. I recommend always checking regularly though when you get a new piece of clothing just to make sure. Continue reading
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In the Shop: Camellia White Dress – For Dollfie Dream

I have been working on sewing new clothes for my Dollfie Dream girls and decided to share some of them up for sale in my Etsy shop. Today I have listed this lovely Camellia white dress for Dollfie Dream M bust girls; will fit Dollfie Dream II or III body. Visit the shop - I am limiting this to a total of 5 pieces, so when they are gone their gone. A long three tier skirt with lace hem adds an elegant touch to the wardrobe. I have really been wanting something to coordinate with this pair of heels for ages! Continue reading
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Meet Alex, New Boy and Predestined Minion

Meet Alexander Maximilian III or Alex for short; he is a SWITCH Uhui on a Ariadoll16 boy body. He has been waiting a very very long time for his body to arrive thanks to my particular insistence of what sculpt I wanted for him. Thankfully now at last he is together and ready to pursue his dolly life. Currently he is trying to find his way around the 'house' and familiarize himself with all it's quirks. You know, just in case of an emergency...or something. At least that's what he would tell you if you asked, but I wouldn't take everything he says at face value. His background is rather shady and probably not one a "proper" society would approve of, but that suits Luka just fine. He wasted no time at all searching Alex out as he has been alone far too long. He needed someone he could send forward to pry out truths and uncover mysteries in the seedy underworld of society. Continue reading
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Kuroneko in the ‘Snow’

Given that is just doesn't snow where I am, simulated snow is a doll shoot challenge I pursue every Winter season. This time I've decided to start with Kuroneko but changed her wig and eyes for a different feel. This body is so such a joy to work with, I'm already trying to think up another theme so I can work with her again. :3 Kuroneko in the snow Kuroneko in the snow Kuroneko in the snow Kuroneko in the snow Continue reading
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Let Them Eat Cake (with Volks SD13 Shiro T. and MSD Tsubaki)

My new boys have been a little shy since their arrival, so I thought I would try to lure them out. It's not that hard really with these two and there's just two steps! Step one: Set out cake in a conspicuous location. Step two: Wait. "Hurms...what's this?" Continue reading
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New Headband Colors + Faux Pearl Style

Even though I just finished moving to a new place, I have taken a break from unpacking to get a little creative time in. Packing all of those boxes in the first place gave me lots of time to think about future projects. XD I've been having a lot of fun making headbands and so I wanted to try my hand at making some which are a step up or 'fancier' than my basic one's. So thus came about the faux pearl headband. It is made using the same method as my basic headbands, but now decorated with some lovely half faux pearls along the top. Fits the same size girls as my other headbands too: SD, SD13, Dollfie Dream, Pullip or Blythe. It really makes me think about the upcoming holiday party season and how my girls need to get ready for Christmas gatherings and New Years parties. This headband is listed in my Etsy shop right now: Take a peek.

Dollfie Dream Hana - White with Faux Pearls

I am also adding two new colors to my line up: Hunter Green and Chocolate Brown. I wanted to add them originally but I just couldn't find these colors at the time. Needless to say I was so very happy when I found them! These two basic headbands will be getting added to the shop sometime this week, so keep an eye on my twitter for when they go live. ^_^ Continue reading
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