Arrival: I.O.S. Maru

It was pre Christmas craziness which has kept me from getting poor Immorality of Soul Maru posted up with his arrival, but without much more ado here he is! 😀 Unfortunately he came completely unstrung, so he is in some parts large, some parts small. His travel accommodations were a bit of the coach variety. 😉

I.O.S. Maru Box Opening

I’m relieved to discover all of his parts look to have made it and are packed up just fantastically.

I.O.S. Maru Box Opening

Maru came with a face up from his previous owner and right now I’m pretty happy with it. I might work on it’s balance a bit, but I’m not sure as I may wait to see how it looks with a wig first before I seriously contemplate any changes. He came with some glass yellow eyes, but I’ve switched them out for some metallic eyes from Volks. I’m not sure if he will keep these eyes as I originally meant them for IOS Blood, but time will tell as their characters develop.

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Arrival: Dal Fiori

I first saw little Fiori at a doll meet last December and was really enamored with her, but didn’t know her make name. Ever since then I have been keeping an eye out for her as a full set, I adore her outfit and especially her small doll.

Monday I actually stumbled upon her brand new in the box and the rest is, as they say, history.

And now for some photo’s of my new little cutie, she is SUCH a camera bug! I haven’t decided on a name for her quiet yet. She arrived so fast I haven’t quiet came to a decision on it.

Dal Fiori

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Arrival: Pipos O. Charlotte LE

I’ll have to confess that I am very late in getting my latest girl posted up here. She actually arrived on my birthday last month, which was the 28th. Umm..perhaps she’s ‘fashionably late’?

I have decided to name her Kohana or ‘little flower’. The whole reason I purchased her was my deep love of blue roses and the fact that I have been wanting a anthro cat. Of all the cat bjd’s I’ve seen thus far I think she has the sweetest face coupled with the most mobility.

Box opening time!

Time for a few snaps to show off more details.

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