When Eva’s Get Bored

What happens when you leave a good Eva and an evil Eva together with a load of spare parts? Well they arm up and start going at one another! Wow, what a mess.

Evangelion Fight

Yep, found my bag of spare parts while rearranging some things today, so prepare for future mahem amongst the combatants whom fate’s are forever sealed! Muuwaahaa! XD

Misaki Raids My New Manga

While roaming around this past weekend I happened upon one of the Borders which was going out of business and thus raided the manga section. After getting my finds home Misaki promptly snagged my fan book for herself, guess I’ll have to wait a bit to read it.

I think I've Corrupted Her XD

This manga haul:

– Vampire Knight official fanbook (oh yeah!)
– Nana 11
– Neon Genesis Evangelion – Campus Apocalypse 2
– Maiden Rose 1

I have not read any of the Evangelion alternate story line, but this was the only volume they had so I snagged it anyway to see what I think. Has anyone gave it a read yet?

Pure Baby Rei and Asuka Figures

While these are the most under detailed figures in my collection thus far, I caved in to get them due to the fact that I think they are just ridiculously adorable. How can you not like either girl in her night gown striking a pose? Matching one’s at that! ^_^

Maker: Sega
These are Sega Prize figures to be exact.

First off we’ll start of with Rei (of course right?!) looking awfully coy here.

Pure Baby Rei Ayanami Figure

Pure Baby Rei Ayanami Figure

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Souryuu Asuka Langley Figure – Maid Version

I am behind in taking pictures of my figures, so I am trying to get caught up. Prepare yourself for a few figure posts! haha

This time up I have the second half to a previously purchased Ayanami Rei “maid version” figure, Souryuu Asuka Langley – Maid Version to complete the set.

Maker: Kotobukiya (コトブキヤ)

Asuka Maid

I am not a big Asuka fan, but her expression of enthusiastic-ness plus meido drove me to finish this set!

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Love Springs Eternal for Evangelion

After quiet some time I have finally felt the call again to update my meager figure collection with some new goodies, specifically from the Neon Genesis Evangelion anime. shootingstar2 My two favorite characters from the show are Ayanami Rei and Souryuu Asuka Langley particularly in that order. heh

When I was looking for figures many years ago I didn’t have access to as many buying outlets like I do now (thank you internet!) and so it was hard to find nice figures I actually wanted to plop the money down for. Twin this with my like for older shows which didn’t get as much merchandising as the shows of today and you can start to see my dilemma. So a few weeks ago I started looking at a new figure site and realized that with the release of the new movies for Evangelion there was a fresh large influx of delightful figures. Woohoo!

So without any more fuss, let me show off my first new figure in ages, Ayanami Rei, maid cafe version.

Rei Ayanami Maid Version Figure

Rei Ayanami Maid Version Figure

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