Fanime Loots

I had a fantastic time wandering all over Fanime this past weekend. Saw lots of fantastic costumes, took lots of photos, talked to people I hadn’t seen in ages and last but not least combed the dealers room. This was my first convention in California and I have to say it definitely had a bit of a different vibe compared to conventions in Texas.

Here are the goodies I managed to pick up from the many things I saw that I would have loved to have brought home. Next year I shall be better prepared now that I have a good idea of what to expect.

– Nendoroids of Mami, Homura and Kuroneko
– Figma’s of Homera and Mami

These are my first full sized nendo’s and I have been having so much fun fiddling with all the small parts. Photo shoots to follow are inevitable, my brain is all a spin with ideas.

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When Eva’s Get Bored

What happens when you leave a good Eva and an evil Eva together with a load of spare parts? Well they arm up and start going at one another! Wow, what a mess.

Evangelion Fight

Yep, found my bag of spare parts while rearranging some things today, so prepare for future mahem amongst the combatants whom fate’s are forever sealed! Muuwaahaa! XD