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Pullip & Isul Halloween 2011 Release?

I stumbled upon these pictures today of both a Pullip and Isul dressed to the MAX in Halloween themed garments. I’m amazed at how suddenly Isul is getting loads of releases.

Both of these are supposed to be late September releases and will retail for 13,000 yen.

First up is Pullip Banshee.
I adore her eyes and makeup, she really makes me want to find a little Harry Potter school uniform for her with that pointy hat! XD Not really all that crazy about her stock clothes though personally.

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Pullip collaboration with Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

I have to start this out by saying, “It’s about time!” There have been collaborations with Innocent World and on going one’s with Angelic Pretty and I have always wondered when Baby, the Stars Shine Bright was going to jump on the wagon and get to making some tiny clothes for Pullip girls and boys.

From what I can tell these are December 2011 release.

Let me introduce to you at last…Pullip Nerura and Isul Johan!

I found some larger pictures, hurray! :D

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July Pullip Releases mean…Romantic Alice

I thought I was pretty safe from Pullip releases this year (with the exception of Vocaloid Pullip Miku) as everything to me has been “meh”. But today I discovered what is coming for July and it has me very excited! Let me show you all the goodness that is Romantic Alice Set. =)

Romantic Alice Set

Romantic Alice Set

Here we have Pullip, Isul, Taeyang, Byul and Dal, all included in this set! =)

And now on to the individual pictures of fabulousness! Unfortunately Isul and Dal have not had individual pictures released yet.

Romantic Alice - Pullip Alice

Pullip Alice

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