The Snowy Park: A Photo Story

Over the New Years holiday I took advantage of the available free time to put together a photo area for my Pullip sized dolls to take a pleasure walk in a ‘snowy’ park. It rarely snows where I live, so I wanted to give them a chance to enjoy at least a little atmosphere; thus this photo story.


Today, Miyuki decided she wanted to go for a walk in the park and enjoy the fresh snow.

Miyuki At The Park

While out for her stroll she happened to meet up with her pal Sachiko. “Hi Miyuki, what fun to meet up here in this winter wonderland.” said Sachiko.

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Girls In The Pumpkin Patch

For Halloween I picked up a few mini pumpkins to decorate the house plus one nice sized ‘pie’ pumpkin. I decided to take a seasonal photo with some of the girls since they would be the perfect size. (Besides, I have now made tasty soup of the ‘pie’ pumpkin, so no re-shoots!)


I’ve been working on picking up a few winter clothing items for them. Those to have the most wardrobe change would be Amaya and Miyuki.

These two have decided to move over to my desk to keep me company since I’ve been watching more anime online. First up here is Amaya camped out on one of my computer speakers, she has a nice warm pair of faux leather pants now.

Amaya On My Speaker

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Tales of A Busy Weekend

The last few days have been pretty restful, so I’ve started working on a new set of furniture for the girls. I’m really excited as the first piece is coming along better than expected, but truly the tricky part is coming up next…upholstering. I still need to find the final fabric I want to use, so I will probably go hunting for that this coming weekend.

Somehow while working though the tip of my pointer finger has gone half numb! I guess from holding the glue gun trigger for a long time?? I don’t know, but it’s the strangest sensation! Since this is also the finger I use to click the mouse things have been interesting adjusting to less sensation.

While I was working Miyuki decided to take a tea break with me and enjoy some lemon cookies. I realize I have been taking an awful lot of photo’s of her lately, so I am going to try and give some of the other girls some camera love soon.

Miyuki Tea Time