Pullip & Isul Halloween 2011 Release?

I stumbled upon these pictures today of both a Pullip and Isul dressed to the MAX in Halloween themed garments. I’m amazed at how suddenly Isul is getting loads of releases.

Both of these are supposed to be late September releases and will retail for 13,000 yen.

First up is Pullip Banshee.
I adore her eyes and makeup, she really makes me want to find a little Harry Potter school uniform for her with that pointy hat! XD Not really all that crazy about her stock clothes though personally.

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Pullip collaboration with Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

I have to start this out by saying, “It’s about time!” There have been collaborations with Innocent World and on going one’s with Angelic Pretty and I have always wondered when Baby, the Stars Shine Bright was going to jump on the wagon and get to making some tiny clothes for Pullip girls and boys.

From what I can tell these are December 2011 release.

Let me introduce to you at last…Pullip Nerura and Isul Johan!

I found some larger pictures, hurray! 😀

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Pullip x Dal Madoka Magica Release Photo’s

Well the wait wasn’t long, thankfully Groove has already released it’s production photo’s of the highly anticipated Madoka Magica girls!

If I am reading the translations right each girl will come with both her school uniform and her transitional outfit! Unfortunately they don’t each come with a mini Kyubey like the Azone girls do, but there is a strange mention of him. The direct to english translation reads:

Furthermore, this August 31 (Wednesday) before you book to everyone who,
Get not only here, “Muffler Kabei Kyuu Pullip special size” for free!
※ Muffler Kabei picture currently in production Kyuu, please wait a little longer

So maybe he is included with Japan shop pre-orders?? But having him as a muffler sounds really bizarre to me! Though I guess if you severely hate his character then having his pelt used as a garment might make you really happy. XD

All of the girls look to be November 2011 releases.
Release Price: 13,650 yen

Mami in Pullip Size

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MamaChapp Mini’s – The next addiction

Yes I’m quiet talkative today, I’ve been meaning to get all of these posts written up so I’m just pouring them all out now that I have time. XD

Yet another doll I’ve been meaning to babble on about, MamaChapp’s! But now not only are these cute puffy cheeked girls hard to get, but they are also going to come out in mini’s! Now how can one not fall in love with these?

MamaChapp Mini

(photo source)

I really can’t decide which I like more…Azone or Mamachapp. Both have their redeeming qualities but I only have so much shelf room! At this rate I will have to start moving dolls into the family room at some point. Wait, maybe this isn’t such a bad idea after all? XD

Azone Madoka Magica Are Coming Too!

I meant to write about these adorable Azone dolls yesterday, but work kept me too busy. >_< So without further ado, let me get all excited and show you pictures from Wonder Festival 2011 showing off these adorable dolls! I have been wanting an Azone for a while now but I keep missing the pre-order period for the one's I am interested in, it's a conspiracy I say! XD Please forgive my translation skills for any errors, but the release dates and prices are good unless Azone changes them.

Mami Uniform Version ☆ Pure № 051.
Adopted a new soft vinyl head molding, Kyubey (sitting type) is attached
Release 2012
Prices start at 13,650 yen (tax included)

Azone Uniform Ver Mami

Madoka Uniform Version ☆ Pure № 049.
Adopted a new soft vinyl head molding, Kyubey (Type Holding) is included
November Release 2011
Prices start at 13,650 yen (tax included)

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Madoka Magica Pullips In The Works!

Just when I was completely bored with the Pullip releases of late I discover this wonderful news this morning!

Pullip Madoka Magica
YES! Pullip is making a collaboration with the anime Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica!!! If my translations are remotely close their release information is as follows:

“Samples is in progress!
It almost Madoka cute mami Village, a popular example of all Kyuu coming soon!Participation in events following September 11 (Sun) Doll Show 32 “

I want to say, it’s time to start saving up! 😀