On Reserve: Azone – Sahra Summer Melody

I took a deep breath last Sunday and made a reserve order for my first Azone doll. She is Sahras a la mode Sahra / Summer Melody release. There are actaully two Summer Melody versions, this one and another with slightly darker straight blonde hair. The second version was released exclusively on Azone’s webshop, so I would have had to use a shopping service to aquire her. Since this is my first Azone I really didn’t want to go all nuts for the more limited version. I like this one with the fluffy hair just fine, I think she’s lovely. ^_^

She will be including the straw hat, cardigan, dress, shorts, sandals and pochette.
Late August release.

Azone Sahra Summer Melody Version
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Reserved – I.O.S. ‘S’ Head

After much debate I have decided to take the plunge on a resin boy and have put in a reservation for the new ‘S’ head sculpt from Immortality of Soul. I selected the ‘new normal’ skin tone as they say it is a near match for Volks coloration, so time will tell. I will definitely be waiting till I have this in my hands and can compare it to my Volks girl before going body shopping.

Here is a lovely promo shot from the company. I have been searching over the last six months for a elongated slightly ‘older teen / early twenty’ age face like this, so I’m ever so glad to be able to pick this one up.

This head will be coming without a faceup as it was not offered as an option, so I will be taking the plunge on painting my own. I feel like this sculpt has so many options open to it, I can’t wait to get started!

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