Hanging out in Suzume’s Room

Grabbed a few shots of my fluffy girls Suzume and Sachiko hanging out in Suzume’s room. I can only imagine what the conversation must be about. XD

Suzume is just relaxing on her bed, arms full of her favorite stuffed friend with a glass of strawberry milk close at hand.


Seems like Sachiko is going to work on improving her hand sewing skills. Now if she can just figure out what she did with her sewing hoop she could get started.


The Snowy Park: A Photo Story

Over the New Years holiday I took advantage of the available free time to put together a photo area for my Pullip sized dolls to take a pleasure walk in a ‘snowy’ park. It rarely snows where I live, so I wanted to give them a chance to enjoy at least a little atmosphere; thus this photo story.


Today, Miyuki decided she wanted to go for a walk in the park and enjoy the fresh snow.

Miyuki At The Park

While out for her stroll she happened to meet up with her pal Sachiko. “Hi Miyuki, what fun to meet up here in this winter wonderland.” said Sachiko.

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