Pullip Meetup for April + Outside Photo’s (20 photos)

The local Pullip group doesn’t get together for meetups often, but when we do it’s an awfully lot of fun! We usually hit up a favorite tea shop of everyone’s, chat and then take loads of photo’s outside if we can. This time around was no exception. A lot of cuties managed to make an appearance this time around.

First up it’s this adorable Isul! I really wanted to tuck him into my pocket and bring him home, love his style so much. The jeans and shoes were just killing me with their cuteness.

This other cutie really grabbed my attention!

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New Dress for Pullip Shuko

It has been absolutely ages since I have sewn for my Pullips but I’ve decided to take a deep breath and get back into the swing of things. It is Spring after all and my girls can’t keep wearing the same old things year round. 😉

I have been seeing so many beautiful photo’s of cherry blossoms that when I was digging through my fabric stash and found this green fabric with blossoms, I just knew I had to make a dress from it. I think I originally bought it to make a furoshiki for one of my bento boxes, but the fabric scrap turned out to be too small for my needs. :(

Shuko's New Cherry Blossom Dress

It has been either raining or foggy lately but yesterday had a rare moment of sun! So I grabbed Shuko and dashed to the backyard for these few snaps.

Shuko's New Cherry Blossom Dress

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Shuko’s Mini Adventure

I decided to take my Pullip girl Shuko out along with me over the weekend. We drove along the coast and stopped at a quiet cafe for some coffee. It was a really bright and windy day, but I was quiet thankful for all of the sun since it’s been raining somewhat regularly of late.

While having coffee at the cafe she decided to have a seat on the window sill.

Next up we went for a walk on a little raised area next to the ocean. It’s one of the funny area’s where the beach sand is actually black.

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Shuko On A Sunny Day

I was having such a nice time with Shuko yesterday as a bow model that I decided to take some more photo’s of her. ^_^ I need to spend more time with this girl, truly I do. Her super pale pink hair is just so gorgeous. The space I use to set up my sewing machine is being used for something else right now, but as soon as I can dig it out again I want to work on some new clothes for her. These particular clothes are from Azone, but the hair bows are mine. ^_^




Introducing Shuko – Pullip Lala

I would like to introduce my latest girl, Shuko. She is a Pullip Lala who came to take up residence here on Monday May 9th. I am a little behind in introducing her, but please welcome her warmly anyway.

Shuko - Pullip Lala Homecoming

I was really enamored with her eyes upon purchase, but when she arrived I discovered there are tiny flecks of glitter which makes them twice as amazing. I had originally bought her to customize but now that she has been here a few days I don’t think I can bring myself to do it.

Shuko - Pullip Lala Homecoming

Her hair is not blonde and it’s not pink, so I’m not sure what color to call it. Either way the cut of how it curls around her face is very lovely to me and seems to give her an air of sophistication.

Shuko - Pullip Lala Homecoming

Shuko - Pullip Lala Homecoming