Today I did a little bit of felt crafting and created this little owl for Amaya to enjoy. I know she came with a little Angry plush, but it just doesn’t seem to suit her all that much.

Amaya's New Owl Friend

Some good news did happen today, Volks has announced some new standard issues for MSD! I am quiet taken by Mire and am really hoping she will come over to VolksUSA after the event in Japan is finished. The only reason I haven’t ordered a MSD already is because they don’t come with an option to receive a face up and I’m not comfortable painting the face onto my first doll. I want her to be perfect and magical right out of the box.

The only disappointing announcement from Volks is that they are discontinuing SD Nono, anyone wanting her must order before December 31st. The upside to SD is that they are reworking the faceup for SD Standards, which I think looks a lot nicer. I know I’m taken with Nono, but MSD Myu is a real cutie too! I’m thinking that if Mire doesn’t come to VolksUSA in a few months then I may just go ahead and get Nono before she is gone. I will definitely be giving some thought to this.