The last few days have been pretty restful, so I’ve started working on a new set of furniture for the girls. I’m really excited as the first piece is coming along better than expected, but truly the tricky part is coming up next…upholstering. I still need to find the final fabric I want to use, so I will probably go hunting for that this coming weekend.

Somehow while working though the tip of my pointer finger has gone half numb! I guess from holding the glue gun trigger for a long time?? I don’t know, but it’s the strangest sensation! Since this is also the finger I use to click the mouse things have been interesting adjusting to less sensation.

While I was working Miyuki decided to take a tea break with me and enjoy some lemon cookies. I realize I have been taking an awful lot of photo’s of her lately, so I am going to try and give some of the other girls some camera love soon.

Miyuki Tea Time