After a few trials and long stalking weeks I have at last secured my very own Ayanami Rei Dollfie Dream doll as of this morning. I actually set my alarm to make sure I didn’t over sleep and miss out on the auctions ending. teacup She will be my first large size doll, and I am very much looking forward to meeting her.

This auction comes along with some clothes too, so I will be able to dress her up in the blue school uniform and her school swimsuit. Earlier in the week I snagged her official maid outfit exactly like the figure I recently acquired, but I don’t believe it comes with shoes and thus I will be on the lookout for some nice brown loafers now. ^_^ That leaves me just needing her transfer student outfit if I decide to go ahead and get it. Yes, if it’s not fatally obvious I am a hard core Rei fan. heh

Here is a picture from the auction of her; even though it will be quiet a while before she arrives at my place I am really looking forward to her arrival.

Rei Coming Home
Rei Coming Home

I know I’ve been a bit doll crazy of late, but this puts me at my self inflicted dolly limit for the year. That is unless another DD Auska comes up. I would have snagged her last weekend if my deputy service hadn’t screwed up my bid. In the end it wouldn’t take my bid for who knows what reason and I missed the closing of the auction. *grumble* Rei is my favorite though, I have plans I tell you; photo shoot plans I can’t wait to get started on! :-D

Needless to say this really expedites the reorganizing of my doll display. When I get it all cleaned up I hope to take photo’s to share, please look forward to it.