For Halloween I picked up a few mini pumpkins to decorate the house plus one nice sized ‘pie’ pumpkin. I decided to take a seasonal photo with some of the girls since they would be the perfect size. (Besides, I have now made tasty soup of the ‘pie’ pumpkin, so no re-shoots!)


I’ve been working on picking up a few winter clothing items for them. Those to have the most wardrobe change would be Amaya and Miyuki.

These two have decided to move over to my desk to keep me company since I’ve been watching more anime online. First up here is Amaya camped out on one of my computer speakers, she has a nice warm pair of faux leather pants now.

Amaya On My Speaker

Miyuki has my other speaker and is completely outfitted in a a new coordinate for cooler weather. Yes, thigh highs for winter, don’t ask for technicality’s. hahaha 😉 I’m pretty crazy about her hat and am pondering getting something similar for Amaya but without the pompom on top since she’s a little more edgy.

Miyuki On My Speaker

Speaking of new anime, the new shows I’ve been watching are Ah! My Goddess season two and White Album. Just finished watching White Album season one on Monday and I have to say it was a real emotional roller coaster. I know there is a season two though, so I am looking forward to more of this show to perhaps mellow out a few bumpy spots.

I am still hanging by a thread on Fate/Stay Night! My dvd’s did arrive, but I haven’t had a chance to watch disk five and six yet (Shawn wants to watch it with me, he’s hooked!). I am hopeful that can occur sometime this week or this weekend. It’s at such a climatic spot I can’t wait!