After discovering I had won my auction for the delightful Ayanami Rei I was ecstatic; that is until I figured out with further research that she had the older Base Body 1 (which was made for one year, leave it to me to land one!). Now why would I care? Well…that’s because it’s a hybrid body, a cross between a traditional ball jointed doll with cords inside and the new Base Body 2 technology of an internal skeleton. I wanted a doll who would pose easily and quickly for pictures; reading about others experiences with a Type 1 body and it’s ultra floppiness wasn’t making me feel excited anymore about my purchase.

So time passes and she finally arrives at my doorstep.

Rei Box Opening
Fresh from the box

Rei Window Box
Are you in there Rei?

I take her out and sit her on the edge of the table and…sadness! Her cording is so loose one knee falls an inch below it’s socket and the other knee is just barely looking normal. So I try her arms, the left one will hold pose pretty well but her right one is completely floppy. My greatest fears for her are realized. ;_;

I have never strung a doll before, let along restrung one with loose cords and floppy joints, but I knew if I wanted to even be able to pose her for photo’s I had to do something. Found some tools, took a deep breath and started taking apart my dear Rei.

Rei Restringing
Her ankle bit me!

First off came the feet, during which I exclaimed “her ankle just bit me!”; definitely things I would only say being a doll owner. XD Unfortunately I was so sad about her looseness that I forgot to take a picture of it, whoops!

When all was said and done I finally ended up cutting about three inches of cord out of each leg.

Rei Restringing
Leg Surgery Nearing Compleation

Next up was fighting the head cap off and struggling with the arms, but with a little help of extra household hands I managed to get them fixed up and everything put back where it goes. Success, she will now stand and sit without frightening people. heh Only bad thing is she is very snappy in the waist now and quick to ‘bow’ while trying to pose. I’m wondering if I now have her strung too tightly or if it’s a flaw of the Base Body 1 type.

I am very much looking forward to taking many pictures with my new lovely. ^_^ She also came with an assortment of stock clothing, only thing I’m missing I think is her white socks and yellow knit vest (blue maid outfit is not pictured but I have it, need loafers though).

Rei Stock Clothing
'But it's too cold for a swimsuit!'..Yes Rei, I know.

I couldn’t resist buying her a Victorian styled maid cafe outfit, so that is the first thing I dressed her in for her ‘welcome home’ photo. =)

Rei Welcome Home
Welcome Home Rei