At last after around three months Volks MSD Mire has come home. ^_^ I ordered her direct from VolksUSA during their special promotion for finished Standard MSDs, so she came fully assembled with face up. She is my first resin bjd and I was surprised by her weight, a little heavier than I was expecting even though I have held other resin dolls before. I love the MSD but haven’t purchased one up until now as I did not want to paint my own face up and nothing on the secondhand market has been very appealing.

Decided to film the unboxing, was ever so excited getting everything setup and ready to go. This is my first time doing a video of this type, so please forgive any oddities. ^_^;

I had a plaid outfit waiting on her to arrive and snagged a few snaps. I’m not thrilled with the outfit now that she’s in it, so I guess I’ll be back to shopping for something; needing some shoes anyway. I’m not used to needing such a large setup (larger than Pullip size) so I will need to work on my photography area so I can take more snaps with confidence.

MSD Mire hat

MSD Mire Profile

Her official stats from Volks are as follows:

Sculpted by: Zoukei-mura Inc.

Body: MSD Girl Body, Pureskin Normal, UV Protection

Eyes: 16mm Acrylic Eyes, Cobalt

Makeup: Zoukei-mura Airbrush Makeup, UV Coated

Wig: W-137N-6, Half-Up Mid-Length Wave, Dark Brown

Included Items: Assembled and Painted Doll, Wig, 2 Pillows, Instructional Pamphlet

Note: The head is the same as the FCS ‘MSD F-04’ head. (The number etc carved inside the head will differ.)

Unfortunately seam sanding service was not offered, so she has some definite seams showing. I’m not sure how much this will bother me for right now though, since more than likely I will have her in knee socks and tops/dresses with some kind of mid arm length sleeves.

Still haven’t thought of a new name for her yet, wanted to wait till she arrived so I could see what kind of personality she may have. 🙂