I had a few things come in this week which I’m pretty excited to start working with. First off from left to right are two blouses for Rei DD and one blouse for my MSD Mire. (Speaking of Mire, I’ve almost decided on a permanent name for her, wanting to sleep on it before I decide.) There is also a package of velcro, which I hope to incorporate into skirts to go with these blouses. I wanted some of the small zippers but Volks was sold out. :-/

This Weeks New Items
Fresh like a spring day

At the bottom there are some Re-ment items which I most definitely have plans for (oh yes, plans!). There is a portable coffee pot, bagels, travel coffee cups, coffee tray, creamers, spoons and a glass jar. Getting new miniatures in just makes me smile and smile, can’t get enough of these little things! =)