Myself, Rei and Misaki* attended a local BJD meet yesterday which was themed: Royal Winter Birthday Ball. Sounds fun right? Well it definitely was, had a lovely time meeting up with everyone. πŸ˜€ They even had a contest for best dressed, so between Tuesday and Saturday morning (meet was at 1pm) I managed to put together a dress and matching slippers for Misaki. By popular group vote she managed to take third place, go go! \:D/

*Yep, finally named my MSD Mire, she will be Misaki! Say hi to the nice readers Misaki-chan! πŸ˜€

There was a ‘snow’ area set up for photography and I also snagged a few snaps in the yard.


I’ve decided Rei is Misaki personal attendant, so here she is not dressed for the ball but in her uniform. You can tell they are close friends though, neh? =)

Rei and Misaki

This is the only full length picture of her ball gown I ended up with somehow. The dress has a velveteen top and a full skirt covered in sparkly golden bits, the hem is two rows of tiny ruffles. I made her slippers of matching velveteen but they didn’t make it into any photos.

Misaki Dress

Rei wanted a picture of just herself in the lovely ‘snow’.

Rei in the snow

Enough of that cold ‘snow’, let’s move outside.

Misaki with a clover

Misaki: ‘Look Rei, I found a clover!’

Rei and Misaki outside

I had such a fun time sewing for Misaki that I think I may try something else soon. ^_^ Also while at the meet I saw several tiny anthro dolls, such darlings they were!! I’ve been on the fence for a while about getting some, so this helped answer my questions about a few things. It’s always so nice when you can see a sculpt in person instead of just ordering it blind (though I admit that one doesn’t always have that option with monthly special sculpt releases and such).