Over the New Years holiday I took advantage of the available free time to put together a photo area for my Pullip sized dolls to take a pleasure walk in a ‘snowy’ park. It rarely snows where I live, so I wanted to give them a chance to enjoy at least a little atmosphere; thus this photo story.


Today, Miyuki decided she wanted to go for a walk in the park and enjoy the fresh snow.

Miyuki At The Park

While out for her stroll she happened to meet up with her pal Sachiko. “Hi Miyuki, what fun to meet up here in this winter wonderland.” said Sachiko.

Miyuki Meets Friends

Suzume In the Snow

They walked along chatting and catching up on the latest happenings when they came upon Suzume.

Miyuki, Sachiko and Suzume

Everyone walked along enjoying the brisk weather and the beautiful snow. After a time Sachiko asked “Would you like some snacks? I see an adorable little shop across the way.”

Sachiko Talking

All agreed that some sweets sounded lovely, so Suzume and Sachiko went off to find some.

Sachiko and Suzume

While this left Miyuki alone she didn’t mind in the least, she enjoyed the peaceful solitude for a time. Thinking to herself “Just in case it starts to snow again, I made sure to bring along an umbrella”.

Miyuki with Umbrella

After a little bit the girls returned bringing with them some refreshment.


There was a lollipop for Suzume.

Suzume Lollipop

Miyuki had some delicious milk tea.

Miyuki Bubble Tea

A bright pink frosted heart cookie was Sachiko’s choice selection.

Sachiko with Cookie

The girls continued their stroll for a time enjoying the delicious treats. After a while though the daylight started to wain, so they said goodbye to one another promising to meet up again another day.


Thanks for reading my first photo story! I’m greatly looking forward to creating the next one. ^_^