Made my first Cool Cat order the other day and it arrived just yesterday when I ambushed the mailman with my pickup card before he could leave the area. lol

This Weeks New Items

Lemme see…for Dollfie Dream I picked up white thigh highs, white sheer protecting bodysuit (no arms), thigh stand, head cap and a grey plaid mini skirt. Only one thing for MSD this time, a pair of red shoes. For Pullip/Dal/Byul there is a pair of magnetic boots, black/white lace top knee high socks and black fishnet hose. My order surprised me by having two freebies, a silicone headcap in DD size and some two tone black and white tight pants for Pullip.

I am ecstatic about finally having a stand for Rei, she always looks so sad just sitting around my room rather limp like. :-/ I was pleasantly surprised by how heavy the acrylic base is, plus it also went together very easily. *big thumbs up*

Have her all dressed up in her new things now and I think they are suiting her pretty well. I feel like this coordinate is missing something though but I haven’t put my finger on it quiet yet. Maybe it needs black thigh highs instead of white ones?

Rei New Skirt

I have her wearing both wig caps, silicone first and then the white one, as her wig was so loose it would flop off any chance it could.

Rei New Skirt

Here is Amaya modeling her new lovely stompy boots. “Look mum, I don’t need a stand anymore!”

Amaya in New Boots

I can definitely say I am thrilled with all of my Cool Cat purchases and will be very happy to order again. ^_^