This round of Kyoto Dolpa 8 is going to kill me I just know it, there are too many fantastic goodies coming out. Usually I’m like “mah” to everything but perhaps the odd outfit but this time..BAM! Oh dear oh dear. XD

First off is the lovely MSC Gretel. Much wanting is occurring for her right now let me tell you! Though I will admit to wavering earlier today when pondering how she will look paired with my MSD Misaki. Hurms… perhaps she is too similar in size to be older sister? From reading last night I think MSD and SDC are the same height.

MSD Gretel

Now the following items are from Volks News 42 (found cell snaps), so I am really hoping their coming out along with everything else for Dolpa. I’m still new to Dolpa, so trying to figure out how these things work since I can’t read Japanese (oh how I wish!).

I am mad crazy about both of these gorgeous white Spring feeling dresses. I really really wish the one on the right also fit DD size M bust. I wish the tie on the back made it adjustable, but I’m thinking that more than likely it probably doesn’t. Clickie for larger pic.

[Update] Just found out neither of these lovely dresses will fit my girls. ;_; I can’t express how disappointing this is. Bleah! I can only imagine how those with a S bust size girl feel, I’ve yet to see anything for those dears.

These ultra romantic styled dresses have me very happy unless better quality photo’s make me not like them very much. Cheering to perhaps land the MSD sized one, though DD size would be very tempting. :3 When these romantic gowns show up I’m sometimes tempted to buy them for my ‘future SD’ that I figure is coming down the road one day. heh

[Update] Yea, official pictures now up! 😀 It appears the frothy pink one will fit my MSD Misaki, ooooh she’d be such a beauty!

MSD Pink Gown

I can’t read all of the sizes these animal outfits come in but I know I for sure want one! Yes, more rabbit items please! :3

[Update] Grey rabbit for MSD, white for SD and DD sizes. I’m not too sure about the extra fuzzy white portion on the chest now that the picture is more clear, will have to give this piece more thought. Even though the idea of kigurumi pajamas makes me grin from ear to ear.

MSD Rabbit Lounge

[Update] How could I forget to add the short meido DD outfit! I bet this one will be hard to get my hands on, probably will be gone in a flash!

DD Short Maid

Let me repeat, I am in SO much trouble over this Dolpa! XD My only luck (bad luck?) will be that most of this will end up as lottery items on the VolksUSA site. ^^;; Who else is excited? Come on, I want to know what’s pressing your buy button! 😀