I actually had these few new things arrive a week or two ago but I just hadn’t gotten around to taking pictures of everything yet and getting them here. So…*ahem* here are a few things I’ve picked up from Volks recently.

Top: Tenshi-no-Hair Brush, Dollfie Dream heels in white and black (a girl has to be able to coordinate!)

Bottom: VS Invisible Zipper in white and black, and a pair of MSD socks for Misaki so she can finally have a new photo shoot soon.

And last but not least and the whole reason this order happened in the first place, the SD Carrying Case – Black Lattice. I’m really glad I splurged on this bag, it’s sooo nice with it’s tons of pockets, zip compartments and wide opening mouth to make loading and getting to everything much easier.

Here Rei shows off how roomy the bag is. I am thinking if I’m really careful I could probably get two DD in there!

Rei: “Okay, I’m all packed up and ready to go!”

She looks so excited to be on an adventure, I sort of hate to tell her it’s going to be a little bit longer before we can go anywhere. ^^;