At last I have picked up a couch from Volks for my girls. :3 I was a little bit leary of the bright red color shown online, but it looks much nicer in person and is not near as strong as the shop photo’s make it out to be.

As soon as I removed it from the box and set it up Misaki has all but claimed it for her own, poor Rei hasn’t had much say in the matter. XD

Misaki: At last, a couch just for me! ^_^
Me: Actually it’s for you both to share.


*is completely zoning out and ignoring me*
Misaki: It’s soooo pretty!


Misaki: Oooh, it’s just the right size too! šŸ˜€
Me: Don’t put your shoes up on it!


Misaki: This is just the best gift ever!


Misaki: Yea yea!!!!!


I stepped out of the room for a few minutes as the phone rang, but when I came back I found this.

Misaki: Zzzzz….


At least I’m glad she seems to truly be enjoying it. heh ^_^