This past Saturday I drove out to a local Spring doll show to see in particular a BJD vendor I knew was going to be in attendance. She was selling some of the models I have been eying online and I really wanted to see them in person.

I wasn’t sure what to expect as I hadn’t been able to find much information about the actual show’s contents, other than it was an all doll and doll related miniature show. It was being held at a fair ground, so I guess I shouldn’t have been too surprised at the rather odd building I found it housed in.

Just inside the door I could already see large displays of Tonner, Madam Alexander and antique dolls.

The only fashion dolls I collect are Pullip’s, but there was nothing like them at the show. So I basically wandered the isles searching for the BJD vendor. No worries of knowing when I found her though because it was like, BAM “oh look, dolls I like!”.

I have no idea how long I stared and fiddled with things at the booth. I originally thought I was interested in this Soo-hyun Double from Souldoll, but after seeing it in person I’m not so sure. I only had my cell camera with me, so alas most of the facial features are white blown for some reason. :-/ I had a great time fiddling with the double joints and seeing their range of movement though, really amazing stuff in the pose ability department.

I also really loved the face sculpt of this Custom House Ai-Ceebee girl. I am not familiar with this line and wasn’t all that crazy about the body to tell you the truth, but the face sculpting had the wide eyes and delicate features I like.

I wasn’t there to buy a doll but more of just the opportunity to play with the various bodies and understand their range of motion, that way I’d know more of what I want in the future. I did pick up a couple of things though, a three seater couch and a pair of SD sized shoes.

The shoes lace on similar to ballerina shoes and should be nice for my Dollfie Dream’s to pair with casual wear.

Believe it or not that is ALL I actually bought at the show! But truth be told there just wasn’t much in the form of items for BJD collectors, so it would be a complete waste of time if I had headed there thinking it would be. The same show happens again in Autumn, so I’m curious to know if perhaps the vendors change or if it’s rather the same one’s.

After the show was more of when I started getting into buying things. (oops, lol) I made the mistake of stopping at a random Toys R Us and low and behold I found the infamous tea set for my DD’s and also stumbled upon a drum set for my Pullip’s which I’ve been wanting for quiet some time now. Win win situation here!

The day ended back in Japantown where I, umm..*cough* found some new Re-ment *cough* and couldn’t help but pick up a few packs.

So while the doll show wasn’t ‘all that’, the day was certainly productive.