I’ll have to confess that I am very late in getting my latest girl posted up here. She actually arrived on my birthday last month, which was the 28th. Umm..perhaps she’s ‘fashionably late’?

I have decided to name her Kohana or ‘little flower’. The whole reason I purchased her was my deep love of blue roses and the fact that I have been wanting a anthro cat. Of all the cat bjd’s I’ve seen thus far I think she has the sweetest face coupled with the most mobility.

Box opening time!

Time for a few snaps to show off more details.

Pipos O Charlotte

Pipos O Charlotte

I’m amazed at her range of motion, pretty flexible.

Pipos O Charlotte

A closeup of her gorgeous face painting; I’m mesmerized by how delicate the rose looks. She even has purple-ish blue eyelashes! Even the ears are painted really amazing too, such depth to detail! <3 Pipos O Charlotte

Being that this is my second ball jointed doll, I am very happy with Pipos quality. I was surprised at how much lighter she is than my Volks MSD girl. I know all companies use different resin mixes but I wasn’t quiet sure what to expect.

Her limited outfit is quiet amazing I think and so much more in person than I have managed to capture on film thus far. I will indeed be working on that in the future. The only thing I am a little disappointed in is that in order to get her leggings off you have to remove her feet. :-/

I am looking forward to blushing both her human and paw hands, should be fun! 🙂