Well the wait wasn’t long, thankfully Groove has already released it’s production photo’s of the highly anticipated Madoka Magica girls!

If I am reading the translations right each girl will come with both her school uniform and her transitional outfit! Unfortunately they don’t each come with a mini Kyubey like the Azone girls do, but there is a strange mention of him. The direct to english translation reads:

Furthermore, this August 31 (Wednesday) before you book to everyone who,
Get not only here, “Muffler Kabei Kyuu Pullip special size” for free!
※ Muffler Kabei picture currently in production Kyuu, please wait a little longer

So maybe he is included with Japan shop pre-orders?? But having him as a muffler sounds really bizarre to me! Though I guess if you severely hate his character then having his pelt used as a garment might make you really happy. XD

All of the girls look to be November 2011 releases.
Release Price: 13,650 yen

Mami in Pullip Size

Pullip Mami

Pullip Mami

Homura Akemi in Pullip Size

Pullip Homura Akemi

Pullip Homura Akemi School uniform

Madoka in Dal Size

Dal Madoka Madoka Transformation

Dal Madoka Madoka School Uniform

Personally I am not very excited over these now that I’ve seen the production photo’s. If I had to pick one to contemplate for my collection it would Homura Akemi, but that’s simply because I really like her wig and could see dressing her as a different character. I am quiet disappointed in Madoka, as I didn’t want to see her paired with a pouty Dal face. 🙁

Right now I think I’ll just stick with the Azone girls, Madoka for sure but I’m still pondering the other two.