I have to start this out by saying, “It’s about time!” There have been collaborations with Innocent World and on going one’s with Angelic Pretty and I have always wondered when Baby, the Stars Shine Bright was going to jump on the wagon and get to making some tiny clothes for Pullip girls and boys.

From what I can tell these are December 2011 release.

Let me introduce to you at last…Pullip Nerura and Isul Johan!

I found some larger pictures, hurray! 😀

They are based off of the upcoming Gothic & Lolita Bible magazine for Autumn vol 41. The illustrations are labeled “To travel on the Galactic Railroad Gothic & Lolita”. 😀

Here is the promotional poster which let’s you see so much more of the original illustration. It is so pretty, I wouldn’t mind having one for my room.

Inside is a photo shoot apparently featuring Baby’s sub-label Alice & the Pirates (my favorite!).

This wraps my two major loves of fashion and dolls into two nice little packages, I will be getting both of these for sure! 😀 I hope all of the props are included too. ^_^ I am really hoping these will sell well so Baby will perhaps think of future releases!