This morning I finalized the footwork to secure myself a Volks SD13 girl Mimi. I have been searching for a big sister for Misaki since January and nothing had came to light yet. But when I was randomly looking around over the weekend I stumbled upon a Mimi for sale! I have placed her on three month layaway though, so it will be around the end of October or early November before she is able to come home.

She doesn’t have the factory default face up but that’s okay because i will probably want to change it anyway. ^_^ Here is a factory photo of her. Volks has taken a few different photo’s of her over the years but I find that their photo’s never do the dolls justice. If you really want to see her true inner beauty then you must go and search for owner photo’s. =)

Volks SD13 Mimi

I know I will be anxious over the coming months, but this way I will have plenty of time to find the perfect wig, eyes and some shoes for her. She is not coming with any clothes but I’m thinking I will just sew something when she arrives. Maybe I’ll see if I can find her a simple dress or something though so at least she isn’t setting around in the buff though before I am able to make something.