At last it’s time for me to show you photo’s of my newest girl! She is my first Azone doll actually, it is Sahra Summer Melody! I’m really thinking of just calling her Summer for short. :3


Now I will have to say that her new body type is taking some getting used to for me. I was expecting it to act more like a Pullip body, but it really doesn’t. I guess really there are two things about the arms specifically that bother me. There is a split in the upper arm which let’s it rotate. This split doesn’t stay firmly closed but gaps which really bothers me, she will definitely have to keep some kind of little top on so those stay covered. You can see this in some of the photo’s below.

The other is the limited mobility of this type of arm jointing. She can not touch her face or pose with what I call “airplane arms”, which are both arms held straight out at shoulder level. Now maybe I am just really spoiled by being used to the Pullip body, time will just have to tell.

My girl didn’t come with any extra hands, which I had thought she would since so many of the other PureNeemo’s DO come with extra posing hands. ;_; I sure hope the Madoka girls come with some, at least then they can share.

Well okay, enough fussing, let’s get on to seeing this cute girl! 😀 She didn’t come with the chair, it’s actually borrowed from one my Evangelion PVC figures.






Here is how she comes boxed.