I hosted a Halloween themed meet up for doll owners from the DoA forum last weekend and had a lovely time. Here are some photo’s of my girls, a few dressed up for the Halloween costume themed occasion.

Here is Hana, she is dressed as Momoko Ryugasak from the movie “Kamakazi Girls”.

JTown Meet Up Oct 23 2011

Misaki as a grim reaper / ghoul.

JTown Meet Up Oct 23 2011

Kohana is simply debuting as herself. Since she has white skin I hesitate to take her outside much, but we were in the shade for this meetup so no harm done. I really need to plan a big photo shoot for her soon, poor dear has been a bit neglected of late.

JTown Meet Up Oct 23 2011

Here she has made a friend. I really loved this doll’s costume, she was like a unicorn. the hood has a small acrylic horn and everything, it was super adorable! :3

JTown Meet Up Oct 23 2011

I somehow didn’t get a photo of them together as a group ^_^; so here is one another forum member took.

Gothic beauties
She has such a kind face

Someone requested ‘nyan’ hands, so I couldn’t let them be denied. Of course I forgot to take a photo myself after the swap. XD

Hana goes "nyan"

I saw several dolls I have been really contemplating putting on my wish list. There were a handful of Unoa’s, a Rosette School and a Crobidoll M line. There was also a HyperManiac, which while I hadn’t heard of them before, the boy was most handsome and welcomed to visit me any time. :3 All of the owners were so nice to let me fiddle with their dolls pose-ability. The good and bad side of this…all of these gorgeous dolls are now most definitely on my ‘to own’ list for one of these days. Silly me, thinking that list was going to grow shorter or something. :3