I would like to at last introduce my newest Volk’s girl Kana, she is a F-08 head mold on a SD13 body. I placed a small beauty mark on her right cheek near the eye, but unfortunately you can’t see it too well in this photo. 🙁

Kana Volks F-08

She arrived two weeks ago in desperate need of a new face up and some serious body cleaning. I think she must have been stored away in someone’s attic or something without much protection…poor thing. I am unsure of her exact age, but I do know she is one of the original F-08 heads before Volks modified the sculpt to have a smaller head and turned it into the F-05. My girl has had ‘head surgery’ before she found her way to me, so she does not have the ‘egg head’.

I did my best to give her some hand blushing and a subtle manicure for a more natural nail look.

Kana Volks F-08

Right now she is wearing this long black gown with wide french cuffs and a bustle in the back, but I am not sure exactly if this will be her permanent coordinate or not. I am still working on her back story so this may change in due time; though I may just make some accessories to help the dress blend with her better, time will just have to wait to tell.

Kana Volks F-08

The seller originally sold her as a SD13 Mimi, but upon having her in my hands I knew for sure it wasn’t a Mimi but who was she? I am most thankful to online friends who helped in assisting me in identifying her. Unfortunately due to the case of miss identification I think her wig may be a bit big now. I’ve had to affix it with some pitatto wig hold until I can reevaluate things. I am madly in love with this wig for her, so I cringe at the thought of having to select another style.

While I originally wanted Mimi to be an elder sister to my MSD Misaki with their perky noses, I think this girl is much cuter. I’m sorry Misaki, I will keep hunting for you a sister, surely one day she will be able to join you.

This is the first time I have removed a faceup and then went back with my own. The only thing I kept was a portion of the painted on lower lashes. I also removed and reattached the false lashes she came with as they are much larger than the one’s I have on hand and I believe they suit her large eyes much nicer.

If you want to see what she looked like when I received her here is a photo I took trying to figure out who she was. This pink lip color with loads of gloss took me ages to remove. >_< forward