I finally had some time set a side to work on giving Luka (IOS Mezz) the ‘full treatment’ this week, but alas the weather has had other ideas. Monday I managed to get most of his body shading done and get started on his face up, but then the rain moved in and there is no spraying sealant with that going on. :-/

The darkness lessened for just a moment earlier today, long enough for me to grab this one photo of the bodies progress. Thankfully it looks like next week things may clear up and I will be able to get back to work on him.

Luka Body Blushing

I actually have some jointed hands I want to put on him but the S hooks I have are too large, so I’m on a hunt for smaller one’s. Now if the pants I ordered for the poor dear will just show up everything will be heading towards lovely. Then all I need to do is just track down some shoes, the man can’t be without those! :-/