The next day after having so much fun, it was hard to convince the girls to get up.

Come on you two sleepy heads, time to dress up for another fun day here on the coast! And if your really good, I might take you down to see the water later, okay?

Rei & Reina: Eh? Morning? Water??? *blink blink blink*

Okay now that the sleeping beauties are up and about, I grabbed a few more snaps out on the balcony in the nice morning light. Nothing beats shooting in the lovely gentle morning sunshine for me. ^_^

By now the girls are sort of bugging me about trying to go sailing; but no matter what I told them they didn’t believe me those craft out in the water are not SD sized. XD

Time for Hana to get out and enjoy a little fresh air.

Finally, a fully length photo of her new dress. I had really hoped to take the girls down to the sand, but there were loads of big dogs off leash (with owners) and I just didn’t want to chance anything happening.

Afterwards we packed up and headed a little more down the coast where we could actually get some nice wave action and the beautiful sound of them crashing on the shore. The new room came with curtains that I really want to find similar fabric of, I really liked them as a background.

Finally, you can sort of see the waves from the mini balcony! <3

And since I took so many pictures this day, I’ll be breaking this post into two sections. Please look forward to tomorrow’s installment with the girls actually on the beach! 😀