Woke up bright and early to try and beat the dogs and small kids out. The day broke a lot cooler, so I think that probably really went in my favor to keep away beach goers. Finally, Rei and Reina get to hit the beach and get their little toes wet and squish in the sand!

Rei: Hey, I think I see something over there!

Yep, Rei did see something…a rouge wave that she should have been MUCH louder about! I had turned around to get Reina, had posed her next to Rei, turned around to get my camera and then next thing I knew CRASH! WOOSH! BIG WAVE ATTACK!!

It literally swept away both girls, knocking Rei’s wig off and I had to run out into the retreating waves to grab them before they floated off. I just barely saved the wig before the next wave came up. Whew! Both girls and their new dresses needless to say were soaked through and through. Poor Reina was covered in sand, but Rei was a real trouper and wanted a couple more photos.

Doing my best to let Rei feel like a mermaid for a day. Maybe she will sing her sirens song?

Unfortunately with everyone getting soaked, including my shoes…the shoot was over. Upon arriving home my office floor suddenly looked very bad with doll parts everywhere. I had to completely disassemble them both to get all the sand washed out.

Of course the dresses and tiny matching pantsu needed to get cleaned and put out to dry too.

I guess I’ll try taking that beach photo shoot again another day…but on a different section of beach. Where…maybe rouge waves don’t live. heh