In preparation for attending a dollfie dream meetup at Fanime this coming weekend, I have decided to take a few moments to tweak Rei’s outfit to look just that little bit more polished. Now that I’ve sewn her a new dress I have felt rather obligated to get her setup with some other new things too.

First up what every good outfit needs, nice shoes! These are actually from Shiori’s default set, but since she is not wearing them right now they were fair game for swiping by Rei. 😉


Next up are some bangle bracelet’s: one white and blue (showing green for some reason O.o ) and one gold with diamante’s and white.


Here is a full length shot with all of her lovelies on. Now I know it’s hard to tell unless you see her in person, but I have also put her back into the lace top thigh highs I bought a while ago. I feel like this dress is just barely to fancy for plain socks, so stockings it is!


And a closeup as I just can’t seem to resist taking these whenever I have her out for photo’s.


I am definitely looking forward to meeting other Dollfie Dream owners this weekend and seeing their lovely girls. ^_^ I’m planning on taking Hana along on the trip too, but I don’t believe she needs as many changes as Rei did.

She seems to be enjoying a little of the afternoon’s soft light at the end of today’s shoot.

Fanime ready