Decided to work on giving my Dollfie Dreams Rei and Hana a special day of spa treatments including manicures and pedicures yesterday. It was a fun challenge to work with paint this time around instead of pastel like I do for my resin dolls.

I didn’t want to give them anything loud, just something soft and natural along the style of a real nail. So it’s less of a French style and just more of a soft pink with a white-ish area near where the cuticle would be.

Dollfie Dream Manicure

After the hands it was on to the tiny pedicures! Now I am really eager to get someone a pair of sandals, especially since the summer months are here. I used the exact same colors on the toes as I did on the nails, just for some reason the color difference is a bit easier to discern here.

Dollfie Dream Pedicure

Now if you can’t tell on the nails that I’ve really added much, here is a side by side hand comparison. To me it really does at that little ‘something’ that they didn’t have before.

Dollfie Dream Manicure Compair

In the end I ended up doing all of the option hands I have too. I just left one pair of regular hands standard in case I want to try a different style on them.

Dollfie Dream Manicure ALL