These are from the July group meeting of local Dollfie Dream owners. We had a good turn out and it was a lot of fun chatting with everyone again. Those who made it out in attendance were @thenekopon, @CrimsonSinistra, @CosplayShots and @thebobness. I’m rather behind again in processing photos, but better late than never, neh? Our next meeting is actually this weekend, so I’m rather squeaking in here on keeping photos in order. lol

Here are all of the dolls who were in attendance. @thenekopon brought her Mini’s, next is @thebobness girl, @cosplayshots looking sharp in her jacket set, @CrimsonSinistra’s two girls and my Hana there on the far right.

@thenekopon’s Mini Dollfie Dreams were just too cute for words! I’m quiet smitten with the one dressed in blue, a Cirno. :3

Hana strikes a pose! This outfit makes me want to get her a shorter hairstyle for boyish looks. :3

Another shot of the adorable pair, I just can’t help myself as the cute was so overwhelming. Seeing these girls in person is really cinching it for me that my girls need a little sister.

I forgot my stand, but was able to borrow a saddle stand from @CrimsonSinistra. He had it adjusted for a girl in heels, so instead of readjusting it I simply went for a dynamic jumping pose instead.

I had way to much fun with the saddle stand, so I definitely need to get some for my girls.