The second day of JPop Summit was another resin/bring whoever meetup AND the same day as our monthly Dollfie Dream meetup. So to cut down on how many dolls I had to carry around all day I packed up my Dollfie Dream twins Rei, Reina and my resin MSD Misaki. Since the meet was ‘other’ doll type friendly my Azone girls Madoka and Summer jumped into the bag too.

I was trying to keep my bag lighter by not carrying a large resin with me, but somehow it still felt quiet heavy. ^_^; It’s almost like the dolls gain weight while making their way to the carry bag. XD

Since the JPop Summit event is a “pop culture-themed street fair” I had Rei dress up as Momoko from Kamikaze Girls and carry her plush from Ouran High School Host Club.

These twin Volks boys were almost too much for me. I want them to come and visit me some time, just so much mischief making possible there. :3

The girl in pink on the left had me going “oh/ah!” ever time I saw her. So much temptation to see if I can order one as I am really wanting a Yo sized doll for my family.

This tiny girl came stored in the tiny drawer beneath the clothing. The entire doll truck was just adorable beyond words, really!

Looks like Reina has found a Shinji to love (although he doesn’t look too happy about the situation). :3

Run Shinji as Rei has spotted you now!

Madoka and Summer hanging out in the warm sun.

Looks like Misaki found a small private grove to enjoy all to herself for a few minutes. The event was packed and it was hard to get photo’s without people in them.